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Technical Support

Al-Khaleej is a source of responsive and cost-effective technical support provider. Its clients can receive constant support to computer applications, imaging and workflow processing system through a program tailored to cater their specific requirements. Al-Khaleej also provides on-site support to all equipments viz: servers, PCs, printers, scanners, jukeboxes and monitors etc.

Our certified engineers are committed to be responsive and provide timely maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Al-Khaleej also provides installation and support for most of operating system including UNIX and Windows.

Our Contact:

Support Phone Number :  463-2143   Ext 1471

Help Desk :  463-2143 Ext  1477 

Fax Number :   462-7077

E-mail (Support) :

(Help Desk) :

Post Implementation Service

Al-Khaleej firmly believes in offering post implementation service to ensure efficient and smooth operation and successful use of system. Our implementation team provides a wide range of post implementation services to ensure optimum performance and long-term benefits.


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