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Technical Staff Manning

Business requires skilled manpower with adequate professional qualification and experience. With continuous increase in business demands it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to get into the intricacies of screening hundreds of applicants and selecting the best out of them.

 Al-Khaleej being in this business since 1979 has a proven record of staffing, managing, maintaining and operating computer centers/networks for clients, on a permanent or temporary basis. Al-Khaleej has the most extensive and comprehensive international recruiting network beside its own massive candidate data base of over 10,000 technical staff. It supplies expert and technical staff to a number of key clients with whom it works to identify staff requirements, develop organizational structures and position descriptions then recruit the necessary personnel worldwide.

Al-Khaleej enjoys a reputation of being eminently responsive to its client's need and moves swiftly to meet client's requirements within their specified time and budget. From preparatory meeting with clients to identification of candidates, screening and deployment of staff on site, Al-Khaleej does every thing to make clients free from all recruiting hassles. Some of the most prominent IT staffs recruited by Al-Khaleej for its clients are:



  • Application Development Specialist
  • Database Management Specialist
  • Systems Administrators * Systems programmers
  • Network Engineers
  • SW Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Systems Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Communications Specialists
  • IT Project Managers
  • Computer Technicians
  • Computer Operation Supervisors/Shift Leaders


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