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Our ServicesSystem and Service Integration    May 25, 2018
System & Service Integration

Al-Khaleej has established itself as a leading system integrator and service provider since 1979 with a record of successful projects in a number of sectors including patient care, higher education management, telecommunication, petroleum, public finance, government systems and security information systems.

Many of these projects covered many aspects of information technology including application development, facility management, network support, hardware procurement installation and maintenance, staff recruitment worldwide, training and other ancillary services.

In all these projects, Al-Khaleej has worked side-by-side with the customers to understand their requirement, innovate and develop the right application solution. Al-Khaleej applied its proven methodologies to complement the design and development process using its deep knowledge of technology selection, system integration and software performance migration.

Partnerships with companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Plexus, HP and CISCO guarantee direct access to technology and technical support.





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