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About Us    May 25, 2018
About Us

Founded in 1979 Al-Khaleej is a leading high-end IT service provider in the Arabian Gulf region. The firm was established by a group of five Saudi Arabian partners who were affiliated with the King Fahd University of Petroleum&Minerals, Saudi Arabia.

From that beginning, Al-Khaleej has grown to prominence in the region's computer industry. Our clients have included virtually every Saudi Arabian Government ministry and agency, universities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, as well as domestic and international private sector companies.

Targeting at the large and medium-sized enterprises, Al-Khaleej offers services such as System Integration, Software Development, IT Operation & Maintenance, Technical staff manning, Network Solutions, wide-ranging Technical Support as well as necessary services to guarantee the stable and efficient operations of the customers’ IT system.   Al-Khaleej has delivered comprehensive solutions covering product and services from Oracle, HP, Microsoft and SUN to dozens of enterprises.

Al-Khaleej staff possesses excellent professional background, capability and experiences to help end users.  As a professional high-end IT service company, Al-Khaleej with its sincere and outstanding quality of service focuses on the pragmatism and efficiency of internal management.   Our deep expertise provides customers with a proven, reliable partner in a broad range of IT disciplines.

The company's structure is highly flexible, being organized into independent but mutually supporting business units. This approach allows rapid response to changes in market conditions.

Even though we are an IT company as old as the information technology industry itself in the Arabian Gulf region, we continue to innovate and improve.

Al-Khaleej Vision: To be the company of choice for our clients and our staff as the leading provider of best-value information technology solutions

Al-Khaleej Mission: Strive for a creative and affordable solution and deliver with total clients' satisfaction.


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